Batch Submission Tool

Step Action Description
1 Terms & Conditions Read about the terms and conditions for using this tool.
2 Usage Synopsis Familiarize yourself with the basic interface and guidelines on how to use this tool.
3 Download the template Excel workbook to your local machine.
Take note where you saved the workbook on your local machine.
4 Populate the Excel template workbook you downloaded in step 3 with your batch submission data ( upto 100 rows maximum is allowed, upto 10 rows for VisualCoverage ).
5 Click the Browse button to select the workbook ( stored on your local filesytem ) that you populated/modified in step 4 for uploading in step 6
Upload the Excel workbook you selected in step 5.
7 Select an Excel worksheet in the uploaded Excel workbook uploaded in step 6  to process.
8 Validate the selected Excelworksheet for required fields/columns and data value ranges.  A diagnostic message will appear below.

9 Submit the batch for processing; and wait up to one minute for a response for large batches.
Download the resutls of batch processing shown in the data grid below.
You can select either ( Excel export as .HTML or Excel Export as .CSV ).