Welcome to the VisualLMR website -- you're looking at a few basic tools used in the old-school management of land-mobile spectrum resources in the USA. No Registration – No Fees – No Advertising – Open to all.    Sorry folks, Google has decided to start charging for using Google Maps.  We are accessing this dilemna -- in  the mean time, we will look at site traffic and see if gratis service makes economic sense for the budget. So all you will see for now is just a gray box. Google will not get an open credit card from us.

Most of the tools still work, except they won't be visual. You can still create 2D contour plots and 3D coverage plots using the batch submission tool and then load the URL KML pointers provided in the batch submission result in to Google Earth.

[ 2019.11.02 ] 


Zoom in and click on muliptle map points and instantly have Elevation, HAAT, Azimuth, and latitudes/longitudes. (Demo)

Zoom in and double click and an instant HAAT analysis will be performed -- Every data marker will tell you the precise elevation that was used in the caclulation of the HAAT on each of its radials. (Demo)

Enter latitudes, longitudes, antenna heights, ERP, and receive a Short Spacing summary as prescribed by FCC 90.621.  Every data marker will tell you the precise elevation that was used to compute the DHAAT radials.  Diagnostic messages will tell you how the short spacing distances were determined.  High sites in WA and CA are also displayed. (Demo/Submit Study)

Enter latitudes, longitudes, antenna heights, ERPs and recieve a complete service and interference contour for a proposed and an existing station.  You can select service/interference contours for  VHF LO, VHF HI, UHF LO, and UHF HI -- the proper R-6602 Carey Curve will then be selected as well. (Demo/Submit Study)

With just two double-clicks you can have the terrain profile mapped and charted between two locations ( up 170 km apart ). It will show the first Fresnel zone too.
In a few easy steps you can download an Excel workbook template, fill in required values and submit a batch request to analyze any of:   Elevation, HAAT, Radial HAAT, DHAAT, ShortSpacing ( 90.621 ), Service/Interference Contours, and LR/ITM Coverage Maps.
VisualCoverage - 2D GoogleMaps
ViusalCoverage depolys the SPLAT! engine to compute the Longely-Rice ITM coverage. (Demo/Submit Study)
  VisualCoverage - 3D GoogleEarth Fly-Over
ViusalCoverage depolys the GoogleEarth plugin to render a 3D representation of coverage -- you can fly over this image! (Demo/Submit Study/Click on the GoogleEarth link/Switch to GoogleEarth)


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